Horse Strangle

This highly infectious condition is caused by pus-forming organisms. The symptoms are fever, lassitude, and lack of interest in food. A thick nasal discharge appears and the glands at the angles of the lower jaw swell, causing difficulty in swallowing. The infected horse must be isolated immediately and the veterinary surgeon must be called.

Soft, moist mashes should be given to tempt the horse to eat. Feeding utensils and grooming kits should be disinfected twice a day and soiled bedding must be burned. Only one person should deal with the horse; overalls and boots should be worn and left in the stable where the infected horse is kept. They should be disinfected regularly.

The swollen glands may be bathed with a warm solution of Epsom salts to bring the swelling to a head ready for lancing. Once the swellings of the glands have burst or have been lanced the condition usually improves, but the horse will require careful sick nursing.

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