Horse supplies

Horse supplies or horse tack refers to the different types of equipment with which the horse is adorned while it is being used as a domesticated animal. Horses are smart and agile creatures that are loved by people for their nobility. To keep the horses in a better condition and to use them in an efficient manner horse supplies are used. There are different types of Horse supplies such as saddles, stirrups, headgear, reins, etc.

  • Saddles – The seat for the rider attached to the horse’s back using a girth is called a saddle. The saddle should be comfortable for both the rider and the horse as a misfit saddle can harm both the rider and the horse. There are a few accessories for the saddle as well such as a breastplate, single, breacher, pack saddle, etc.
  • Stirrups – stirrups are the metal support located on either side of the horse. It is used to provide support and stability to the rider’s feet. A few of the saddles like the English saddle provide safety bars, which protect the rider from being dragged with the horse in case of a bad fall. These safety bars are called stirrups.
  • Head gears – Head gears are also called bridles, and head collars. It has various straps around the head of the horse. It is used for communication and controlling the horse.
  • Reins – Reins are the leather straps or ropes attached to the ends of a bit and reach to the rider’s or driver’s hands.
  • Bridles – Bridles are attached to the bit and are used for riding horses.
  • Bit – Bits are kept in the horse’s mouth and are used to drive the horse.
  • Breastplate – Breastplates are attached to the saddles. They are safety equipment useful in the case of, sports like jumping, playing Polo, etc. Breastplates are also called, breast collars, and breast girths.
  • Martingales – A martingale prevents the horse from keeping its head too high. It is used in the case of shoe jumping and other sports. There are different types of martingales such as running martingale, standing martingale, German martingale, and Irish martingale.

There are a few other Horse grooming supplies, which have become popular of late. These grooming supplies include things like a hoof pick, a brush, clippers, etc. Here is a list of horse grooming supplies –

  • Hoof Pick – A hoof pick keeps the horse’s feet in better condition and free of manure and rocks.
  • Brushes – One will need a dandy brush, a curry comb, a soft brush, And a mane brush which is used to comb the tail hair.
  • Salt and mineral blocks – You will need this if you are keeping your horse at home. Stables have these already.
  • A few of the other horse supplies are saddle covers, Treats, saddle soap, blankets, raps and tack cleaning supplies. A horse needs to be taken perfect care of it should be taken to a vet in case of an emergency. The Horse supplies, for grooming and supplies used while horse sports are mentioned above. Using these supplies will give you an amazing experience to pet a horse.

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