Horse Tack

Horse Tack is a professional term given to horse equipment that is used while riding a horse. Horse tacks are essential to prevent your horse from dust, rain, and sun. There are lots of tacks available in the market to meet the need of your horse and to make it look the way you want. Some of the horse tracks are listed below:

The saddle is one of the vital tasks of the horse. It is placed on the horse’s back, where the rider sits. The saddle preference is entirely dependent on the kind of riding you do. Saddles are of many types each saddle is designed for a different task.

Mainly saddles are divided into two major categories i.e. Western Saddles, and English Saddles. The seat of a western saddle provides better safety and comfort to the rider than the English saddle seat. But if someone, wants to go for looks, then he can opt for an English saddle. Saddles are expensive tacks. It wholly depends on an individual on how much he is willing to spend on his safety and comfort.

A bridle is a headgear of a horse. It controls the horse’s movement by applying mild pressure to the horse’s head and mouth. It is used on the horse’s head and mouth to control the direction of the horse. The main types of bridles are – The hackamore bridle and the snaffle bridle. The hackamore is a bridle with no bits. It controls the horse through a nosepiece. Snaffle bridle is one of the most common n types of the bridle in English riding. It controls the horse through reins.

The girth is the strap that holds the saddle on the horse’s back. It should be comfortable for the horse but tight enough to ensure the rider’s safety.

It is the way through which the rider has control of the horse. By pulling on the reins in different ways, the rider would be able to control the horse’s movement, including how fast it goes, whether it goes left, right, or straight.

Martingale is a complicated piece of horse equipment. It is wrapped around the horse’s chest and is used to keep the horse’s face in an accurate position. It is one of the best safety measures to stop your horse from tossing its head high.

These are the metal hoops in which the rider puts their feet. It helps the rider to maintain his balance on the horse. The length of stirrups can be adjusted concerning the rider’s height.

Blinkers are the eye–shields that are fixed to the bridle. It is applied to restrict the horse from getting distracted and to make the horse look ahead. It’s mostly made up of leather and sometimes plastic.

The above-mentioned horse tacks are the basic tasks that are normally used for all types of horses.

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