Horse Therapy

Horse owners must have basic knowledge about horse therapy that’s often used. At times Veterinarians live far away or are unable to respond to a call immediately, so owners should be able to handle a sick horse on their own. It’s important to have a first aid kit at all times. The first aid kit for the horse should be well maintained by its owner. Your first aid should include the basics like – scissors, bandages, pain spray, surgical tapes, ointment, petroleum jelly, tweezers, betadine, etc.

Some of the common diseases of a horse are mentioned below and along with it the required therapy to be taken in case of an emergency. Colic

It is the most commonly found disease in a horse. It is a sensitive gastrointestinal dilemma. To prevent colic do not overfeed grain to your horse. Plenty of roughage in the form of food in the winter will work well as a feed and would help in keeping the horse’s digestive system healthy. Laminitis

Laminitis can occur in two forms acute and chronic. The starting signs of acute disease develop very quickly, whereas the signs of chronic disease develop after a long time. When a horse suffers from laminitis, it becomes difficult for him to walk without pain. In this case, horses should get proper veterinary attention. Regularly wash the feet of horses after riding as it will avert them from injuries. Wounds:

The best way to come over horse cuts and wounds is to put the sterile saline solution on it. It is the best way to clean the wound. If you’ve run out or are in a place where there is no saline, flush the wound with clean water it will also work as a therapy for wounds. Lacerations

It is a medical term for a cut. The laceration may be large or small or may bleed a lot or not. If a laceration bleeds a lot then veterinary consultation is advised. The legs of a horse require routine observation and horse owners should regularly wash the feet of the horse after riding as it will prevent injuries.  

It is an obstacle to many horse diseases. Founder happens when a disease, such as laminitis, goes untreated for a long period. When a horse suffers from this obstacle, it becomes difficult for him to stand and move without pain. The horses suffering from this problem need proper veterinary attention. Equine Influenza

Viruses are some of the most deadly horse diseases because they can spread rapidly through an infected horse. When a horse suffers from this disease various symptoms like fever, dry coughs, increased mucus production, and depression can be noticed. Fortunately, equine influenza usually disappears on its own after a week or two. The horse should not be ridden during this time, and veterinary consultation is advised.

The superlative horse therapy that all horse owners should carry out is to vaccinate their horse twice a year to keep their horse safe from tetanus. Moreover, they should make sure that they pay regular visits to the veterinarian.

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