Horse Trailer

A horse trailer is a van found in different designs. The main work of a horse trailer is to transport horses. They vary in size we can find small units to vans that can accommodate around three to four horses. The stock trailer is one of the least types. These are the trailers designed for the cattle they are enclosed at the bottoms but have slit for the ventilation of the animal. One can see different types of horse trailers in the market. The different horse trailers can confuse the customer so there should be ample research done before you buy a horse trailer. There are a few factors that should be considered by a customer before setting forth to buy a horse trailer.

  • First of all, it is important to decide the number of horses that you will be hauling and the distance you have to take them through. If you require to haul a single horse then it would be a waste of money to buy a four-horse trailer or a stock trailer no matter how god it seems to you.
  • You should always check the framework of the trailer well. You should even check it from underneath as it may be rusted. You should also examine well the floor of the trailer it is possible that it is rusted. You should also always scrutinize the fiberglass coating, and check the roof whether is made up of fiberglass or not. You should also check that it should not stringy. You should check the trailer suspension and check the other metal suspensions as well.
  • Always take a test drive off the trailer to check if its brakes are all right, and if there is no other problem in driving the vehicle. Even check the tires if they have a strange hum sound or not.
  • Always check the coupler and also take care of the safety chains. Check if they are attached or not. You should check the door and the windows well. Check if they work smoothly or not. It always requires the ramp to be strong as the horse has to move on it. Check about the strength of the ramp.
  • You should check beforehand if there is enough safety involved for your horse. Make sure that you can reach every horse in case of an emergency.
  • When buying a second-hand trailer you should make sure that the bill is in your name. Always prefer a notarized letter of transfer of the trailer. Also, check if the jack post is working or not and is in the proper condition.

These points should be kept in mind before buying a new horse trailer. Ensure proper safety for your horses and proper ventilation for them to breathe.

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