Horse Trailer Accessories

A horse trailer is widely and successfully used to transport horses to different locations. Horse owners who have one or more horses or ponies to travel are recommended to have a trailer, carrying a horse in a trailer is convenient for you as well as for the horse too. Just having a horse trailer is not enough! It is very important to know about the various horse trailer accessories to be installed for the comfort of your horse.

Following are some of the important horse trailer accessories:

Perhaps the most important accessories for a horse trailer are the ones that go on the horse. And the one horse would appreciate the most is a head bumper. “Head bumper” is a cap for the horse that protects its head from bumps, either against the roof of the trailer when driving on uneven roads or against the top of the trailer door on the way in or out. It is recommended to install trailer pads to protect horses from bumping against the wall.

One of the best horse trailer accessories is also the most practical. An efficient emergency kit is essential. In case you meet with an accident with your horse trailer, emergency kits can provide you with the necessary supplies and you will need to take care of your horse’s injuries.
It is better to install feed bags to your trailer. Feed bags are essential while going on a long journey.

Feed bags will give your horse a chance to grab a meal while in transit. Different types of feed bags are available with straps that can be attached to a hook inside the trailer.
It is better to install a water bucket on the horse trailer. During long trips, to prevent your horse from dehydration it is very essential to take care that the horse is getting enough water to drink. These are some of the necessary horse trailer accessories to be installed for the comfort and safety of your horse.

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