Horse Turning Quickly

In earlier times having a horse was considered a privilege and a status symbol. Horses are generally known for their speed. Horses are also used in races. Riding a horse is not an easy task, to ride a horse one should have complete knowledge of horse riding. One should know what to do when a horse turns quickly.

The following steps that will help to restrain your horse are mentioned below:

  • Relax: Give your horse time to relax if he is acting strange. The reason behind their strange behavior can be fatigue or some nervousness. So the rider should provide proper relaxation to their horse.
  • Reason: Think of the reason why is your horse behaving so strangely. The reason could be a storm, nervousness, or fatigue. The owner should try to understand what is troubling his horse.
  • Minimal force: One should put minimal force to restrain your horse. Unnecessary force can cause anxiety to the horse. Holding reins tight can confuse your horse.
  • Horse tack: Sometime tacks troubles horses. So the owner should keep a check on whether the tacks are working fine or not and if they require replacement or not.
  • Unwanted tacks: Take off unwanted tacks as they may scare the horse, annoy him or he may dislike them. This may lead to undesired behavior in horses.
  • Consult a veterinarian: Consult a veterinarian if your horse continues to behave strangely. He might be suffering from some ailment if he continues to perform badly and behaves strangely
  • Trainer: Always keep an eye on your horse and check their regular activities. If you find any change in their routine then provide a trainer to your horse.

Tips to control your horse

  • Be patient: Be patient when your horse shows undesired behavior. Instead of getting annoyed with his behavior owner should tackle it good-naturedly. The owner should try to understand the cause behind such undesired behavior.
  • Change the way of Riding: The owner should change the way of riding if the horse continues to behave strangely or he should learn riding skills. The way he rides might be troubling the horse.
  • Tack: Provide proper tack to your horse as it will help him feel complete and secure.
  • Interact: Sometimes the reason behind undesirable behavior is the feeling of loneliness. Horse owners should take some time to sit and feed their horses. As this would help in creating a bond between the two moreover horse would stop feeling lonesome. Spending time with the horse will make the horse used to being around him and other people.
  • Rein: Pull the reins gently so that it doesn’t hurt the horse. If the horse loses control, he will get hurt and start behaving in an undesired manner.
  • Training: Provide adequate training to your horse as this will help in keeping them fit.

Always stand beside the horse as opposed to the front and back. If you stand in front, the horse can rear up and make you fall and if you stand at the back, the horse can kick you.

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