Hucul Horse


Hucul Horse

The Hucul horse is a small horse breed or it will be better to call it a pony. It originated in the Carpathian Mountains. It is also known by the names of Carpathian, Huculska, Huzul, Hutan, Hutsul, Carpathian pony, or Hutul. Its build is heavy and the pony possesses great stamina and endurance. A majority of this breed now inhabits Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Slovakia. Several European ponies carry Hucul blood. In the latest years, this breed has gained name and fame in England.

History of Hucul Horse

The Hucul pony shares some appearance with the now-extinct Tarpan. This pony is thought to have originated in the Carpathian Mountain range of Eastern Europe which is enclosed today by Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. This pony got its name after the tiny ethnic group of Hutsuls. It should be noted that this horse breed is older than the Hutsul people. In the monuments by Roman Emperors, Trajan, and Domitian the Hucul pony is depicted as a Dacian draft horse. For the very first time, this breed found mentioned in written sources around four centuries back. The Hucul has hardly ever undergone cross-breeding with domestic horses. The Austro-Hungarian Army used the Hucul horses in the 19th century.

The first stud farm was established in Romania in 1856. This breed faced a severe decline in Czechoslovakia after the Second World War. Not until the early part of the seventh decade of the past century, breeders established an organization-Hucul Club. This organization was established to avert the extinction of this horse breed which was the consequence of its declining number. A stud book with fifty purebred animals was established in 1982. The object of escalating the numbers in that region was also there. With the tireless efforts of the breeders, the breed has crossed the figure of 1,000 on the planet.

Physique of Hucul Horse

Hucul is a strong and primitive pony with a Tarpan head and a powerful body. Its general appearance is pleasing though the pony is sometimes cow-hocked. The conformation traits of this pony involve a short head with a fairly short neck and a compact body. Short legs and sound feet are other conformation traits.

Height of Hucul Horse

The height of the Hucul pony is most commonly found to be 12.1-13.1 hands high.

Body Color of Hucul Horse
The Hucul pony is by and large found in the chestnut, black, bay, and grullo variation of dun with a dorsal strip and zebra stripes on the legs which is the characteristic of the breed.

The temperament of Hucul Horse

Hucul is found to be a sensible, docile, willing, hardy, and enduring pony.

Uses of Hucul Horse

The Hucul is widely used as a work pony on farms throughout the very higher land of southern Poland. It makes a splendid pack and draft animal that is sure-footed enough for the most difficult country. Its untiring personality allows it to work for a long. Occasionally it is ridden but this is not its too main line of employment.

The Hucul pony is said to come from the Huculie district of the Carpathians. It is thought to stem from Tarpan stock and there are those who believe its ancestry to be so pure that they call it the Forest Tarpan. It is now selectively bred in several studs and in the last century, a great deal of Arab blood has been infused into it. There are said to be three types of Hucul, though these have now inter-bred to a point of hazy distinction. They are or were, the Przevvalski Hucul, the Bystrzec Hucul, and the Tarpan Hucul. In a nutshell, it can be said that this is a hardy pony.

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