Irish Draft Horse

Irish Draft Horse

Ireland has the Irish Draught horse as its national horse breed was fashioned for agricultural purposes. These horses arecross-breedingor cross-breeding with warmbloods and Thoroughbreds and their crossbreeding results in producing Irish Draught Sport Horse or Irish Sport Horse. This horse is excellent at the greatest levels of show jumping and eventing. It is much esteemed by a new generation of horse owners. In terms of action, it has a smooth and free action. Its action is without exagheavyavy or cumbersome. Irish Draught horse breed is a breed of boldness and distinction.

History of Irish Draught Horse

The thecross-breedingg of the Thoroughbred with Irish mares produced the Irish Draught Horse. It was used for farm work, carriage driving, and hunting. This new horse breed saw a turndown in terms of numbers during the agricultural recession in 1879. A subsidy scheme was introduced to accepted stallions of Irish Draught and Hunter type by the Department of Agriculture Committee on Horse Breeding in 1904. The scheme resulted in the fashioning of the present day’s Irish Draught horses. An Irish DraughtStudbookk was formed in 1917. Forty-four stallions were registered in it. In the year 1976, the Irish Draught Horse Society was shaped. These days, the Irish Draught horse is prized for producing competition horses and hunters.

The physique of the Irish Draught Horse

The Irish Draught Horse has an alert head with straight face,  and a  carried well-on short and strong neck. The eyes are bold. Its body is barrel-shaped and rather long with massive shoulders. The quarters are powerful and sare are loping. The legs very hard and show abundant bone. Hooves are large and round.

Height of Irish Draught Horse

The Irish Draught horse grows to the height of 15-17 hands high on average.

Body Color of Irish Draught Horse

The Irish Draught Horse is found in bay, brown, chestnut,t, or gray color. If there are white leg markings above the knees or hocks, they are not considered pleasing.

The Temperament of the Irish Draught Horse

The Irish Draught horse is quiet, sensible, e, willing, alert and active.

Uses of Irish Draught Horse

The Irish Draught Horse is first and foremost used for riding and hunting. Crossbreeding among Irish Draught and Thoroughbred makes first-rate competition horses.

Irish Draught horse, when crossed with a Thoroughbred or other quality lightweight horse, gives rise to the famous Irish hunters and jumpers. It could be cold blood, bufeathersbsence of feathers on its heels and the general alert air of the riding horse make its categorization minimum questionable. Historically, the horse was so much part of the countryside it tended to blend into the background. In the present day, the horse is an op, silence, a pleasure, and a competition horse.

Its walk and trot are found to be straight and true with good flexion in the hocks and freedom of the shoulders. This is a horse that is willing and safe to ride, has an easygoing nature, and has an imperturbable attitude. It is easy to be kept and stays sound for a longer duration. In a nutshell, it can be said that the Irish Draught horse is unparalleled.

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