Italian Heavy Draft Horse

Italian Heavy Draft Horse

The Italian Heavy Draft horse belongs to Italy as already clear from the name of the horse breed. In the 19th and 20th centuries, this horse was developed using both draft and light horse breeds. Recently, the conformation of this horse has deteriorated because deteriorated concentrated on producing this horse breed more for the meat industry. This horse is also known by the name of Rapid Heavy Draft.

History of Italian Heavy Draft Horse

The Italian Heavy Draft horse came into existence in the year 1860. It came as a result of cross-breeding native Po Delta stallions with Thoroughbred, Arabian, and thoroughbreds at the Deposito Cavalli Stallone stud in Ferrara, Stallone addition of Ardennes, Norfolk-Breton, and Boulonnais blood adde,d weight to the new horse breed around the year 1900. During the Second World War, the breeding programs suffered. After the war Percheron, Breton, and Ardennes went through, careful crossbreeding which brought the Italian Heavy Draft horse to its present state. The breed saw the beginning of its stud book in the year 1926.

The hills and plains around Padova, Venice, Udine, Verona, Treviso, and Vicenza are the chief areas of breeding for the Italian Heavy Draft horse. Over the last twenty years, this horse breed has received a setback. In 2002 less than 4,000 breeding stock were registered.

Physique of Italian Heavy The physiquerse

The Italian Heavy Draft horse has a fine, rather long head with a tapering muzzle and medium-long ears. Its expression is that of vigilance. The neck is short and crested. It is often convex on the underside. It has powerful shoulders and a deep and broad chest. Withers are little or completely absent. It has deep girth and a compact, robust body. The back is broad and flat and the loins are strong. The hindquarters it has been round and powerful. The legs are hard with pronounced joints and moderate feathers. The hooves are boxy.

Height of Italian Heavy Draft Horse

The Italian Heavy Draft horse attains a height between 15-16 hands high.

Body Color of Italian Heavy Draft Horse

The Italian Heavy Draft horse is most commonly seen in liver chestnut with a flaxen or blond mane and tail but some of them are roan or bay. Usually, white markings are seen on the face and legs.

The temperament of Italian Heavy Draft Horse

By nature, the Italian Heavy Draft horse is active, willing, and lively. At the same time, it is kind and docile also.

Uses of Italian Heavy Draft Horse

The Italian Heavy Draft was an important breed for Italian farmers because it is large, obedient, strong, and fast. The breed was originally bred specifically for agricultural and draft uses and was also used to transport artillery by the Italian military. Today, horses are most widely used in the meat industry.

The unusual, striking color of the Italian Heavy Draft horse combined with its quick and energetic action makes it a pleasure to watch. It has been much appreciated in Italy as a strong and willing worker on the farms. Unfortunately, mechanization has largely outmoded it, and today it is bred more for the slaughterhouse than for the farm.

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