Jutland Horse

Jutland Horse

The Jutland horse is a breed of draft horse that rose from Denmark. This horse breed can be traced back to the 9th-century and 12th-century images of Danish warriors in which these horses are shown being ridden by the warriors. Since the Middle Ages and before, this horse has been bred on the Jutland Peninsula. This horse breed is derived from the cold-blood Forest hope of prehistory, just as in the case of other heavy horse breeds. This is a horse with immense strength and vigor.

History of Jutland Horse

The early origins of the Jutland horse are not completely recorded. It is said that during Roman times, it was ridden by the Vikings and it was certainly the Danish war horse of the Middle Ages. It seems that the present-day Jutland horse came into being in 1850 with the cross-breeding of native bloodstock with Cleveland Bay, Ardennes, and Suffolk Punch. A Suffolk Punch or Shire stallion greatly influenced the breed of Jutland horse. After six generations of the former breed, the founding stallion of the contemporary breed was foaled.

Jutland horse looks like the Schleswig horse breed. The latter breed is also highly influenced by the same breed that influenced Jutland. It owes much to the Suffolk Punch which was imported and crossed with it and a dubious debt is due to the Yorkshire Coach Horse which was introduced in the 19th century but did little to improve the breed. It is also thought as a possibility that the Jutland horse carries the influence of the bloodline of the Frederiksborg Horse.

The physique of Jutland Horse

Jutland horse is a typical heavy draught horse. It has a massive body with short legs. It has a plain head with kind eyes and long ears. It generally carries the expression of gentleness. The neck is short and crested. The horse holds huge shoulders. Its chest is deep and the horse has exceptional depth of girth which exceeds the length of the leg. Overall, its body is long, broad, and stout with powerful quarters. The legs have feathers.

Height of Jutland Horse

The Jutland horse grows to the height of 1 5.2-16 hands high.

Body Color of Jutland Horse

Usually, this horse breed wears a nice coat of chestnut and roan; occasionally bay or black color.

The temperament of Jutland Horse

As far as the temperament of the Jutland horse is concerned; this horse is kind, gentle, and very easy to be handled.

Uses of Jutland Horse

Jutland horse is used as a show horse. It is also used to pull drays. It is also used for agricultural purposes.

The Jutland horse breed seems to have existed for more than a thousand years. In all probability, it is the most well-known for its connection with the Carlsberg brewery, the Jutland horses were used to haul heavy brewery wagons. For beer transportation in Copenhagen in the present day, these animals are still used. These horses play a significant role in the promotion of festivals and films. It is good to own this docile and friendly horse.

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