Kabardin Horse

The Kabardin horse is among the extreme breeds of Russia as this horse is meant for living under extreme conditions. The Kabardin horse survives in the most intricate mountain terrain such as at sky-scraping altitudes, undeterred by snow and Fast Rivers. It is a tractable and submissive animal, being both robust and noticeably enduring. It can be said without a doubt that the Kabardin is the paramount mountain breed of horses on the globe.

History of Kabardin Horse

The Kabardin horse saw its origin in the 1500s. It was developed from the horses of the steppe tribes of the northern Caucasus, Russia. These horses were raised from the herds grazing on high pasture lands during the summer season and during the winter season; in the foothills. They are raised in the very same manner to date.

The horses then developed into rough and strong mountain horses with great stamina, sure-footedness, and a sense of self-preservation. For hundreds of years, the riders of Kabardin horses were carried safely through the tough terrain of mountains. It easily finds its way through the rock-strewn and narrow mountain tracks with great assertion. They are capable enough to steer their way through dense mist or darkness.

The aftermath of the Russian Revolution was that this horse breed received a major setback. Efforts were made to re-establish this horse breed. The best and most up-to-date Kabardin horses were developed at the Malkin Stud and the Malokarachaev Stud. These Kabardin horses were bigger to some extent than their predecessors. The new ones were good for farm work and army remounting.

Physique of Kabardin Horse

The Kabardin horse has an intelligent head with a straight face. The tips of its ears turn slightly inwards. It has a strong body with a good front and prominent withers. The back is straight and somewhat long and its hindquarters are good. It has very hard legs and feet. This horse tends to sickle hocks. Its coat is fine and the mane and tail are usually wavy. This is a free-moving, sturdy horse with endurance. The Kabardin horse is exceptionally sure-footed and lives a very long life.

Height of Kabardin Horse

The Kabardin horse stands to the height of 14.2-15.1 hands high.

Body Color of Kabardin Horse

Usually, you will find the Kabardin horse in bay color but it can also be black, dark brown, or gray.

The temperament of Kabardin Horse

This Russian horse is calm, intelligent, and independent. It possesses a strong homing instinct.

Uses of Kabardin Horse

The Kabardin horse is used for riding and driving purposes. It is widely acclaimed for its endurance. Mostly these horses are used as saddle horses. They work excellently as pack horses and also in harnesses.

The Kabardin horse comes from the mountains of the northern Caucasus area. Like all mountain breeds, it is distinctive for its sure-footedness and for its readiness to tackle paths that most horses would find inaccessible. It is used as a pack and saddle animal and the mares are valued for their milk. According to a small number of theories; it seems to have arisen from a tough native stock, possibly Mongolian and to have been improved with southern blood of the Turkoman and Arab strains.

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