Karabair Horse

Karabair Horse

The Karabair horse is also known as the Karabairskaya. The Karabair breed is one of the most prehistoric breeds and has Central Asia as its place of origin. These horses were developed in a place that is now known as Uzbekistan and northern Tajikistan. Both these areas are known for breeding high-quality horseflesh. Before the B.C. period, the area enjoyed being renowned for producing solid horses. In Chinese documents, this area is recorded as an immense producer of war horses.

History of Karabair Horse

In ancient Chinese writings, the Karabair horse breed was recorded as a unique one. They are described as flying horses in Chinese writings. Probably, the Karabair horse was developed through an amalgamation of Mongol and Arabian blood. The new horse breed was later influenced by the desert horse breeds from neighboring countries. The principal breeders of the Karabair horse were the nomadic people of Uzbekistan.

Their wide-ranging travels carry an account of the number of diverse breeds that have influenced the development of the Karabair horse. This horse is similar to the Arabian horse, particularly in its hardiness and stamina, speed, and dexterity but the Karabair horse is slightly taller than the Arabian.

Karabair Horse TypesThere are 3 different types of Karabair horses.

The types are-

  • Light draft type
  • Heavy draft type
  • Lighter riding horse

All of them are the same in height. At present, there is less dissimilarity between these types. The heavier type has approximately disappeared and the rest two types have been amalgamated.

Physique of Karabair Horse

Karabair horse has the conformation of a stocky oriental horse but with some distinct features. Karabair horses have small, attractive heads with straight profiles. The neck is well-built which is medium to long and set high. The chest is developed but narrow and the lung capacity is deep. The shoulders are sloping and brawny. The back is compact and short.

It has a lean frame of body and there is no fleshiness. Its skin is fine and thin. The quarters are quite sloping. These horses often appear more developed in their front half than in their quarters. They have clean and strong legs. They have sparse manes and tails. The hooves have been very tough.

Height of Karabair Horse

The Karabair horse attains a height of 14.2-15 hands high on average.

Body Color of Karabair Horse

The Karabair horse is seen in solid colors; usually gray, bay, or chestnut.

The Temperament of Karabair Horse

The Karabair horse is intelligent, responsive, sensible, and brave.

Uses of Karabair HorseThe Karabair horse is a rather central facet of life to the people of Uzbekistan. It is used for riding and driving and also in Kokpar (the ridden and ferocious game which centers on gaining custody of a dead goat carcass). The game is risky and there are few rules and lots of injuries but the Karabair is used almost exclusively to play this game because of its bravery and speed. Other than being used in equestrian sports, driving, and riding, it is also used for transportation.

The Karabair is another ancient mountain breed. It is of great service to farming in Central Asia. As a riding horse, it is keen and competitive, figuring prominently in the many mounted equestrian games beloved by the Russians of this area. Karabair horses exhibit physical attributes of both the desert and the steppe horses.

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