Karabakh Horse

Karabakh Horse

The Karabakh horse is also known by the name of Karabakh. This horse breed is mountain-steppe racing and riding. The horse breed got its name from the geographical area-Karabakh of the southern Caucasus. The horse breed was originally developed here. The region of origin of the horse is a part of Azerbaijan. At present, the highland part of Azerbaijan is under the sway of Armenia. The good temper and speed of this breed make it notable.

History of Karabakh Horse

The Karabakh horse is the result of cross-breeding among Persian, Akhal-Teke, Turkoman, Arabian, and Kabardin horses. The development of the Don horse of Russia also witnessed an instrumental role of the Karabakh horse in the 19th century. In the present scenario, the breeding of Karabakh horses takes place chiefly in Azerbaijan. It is to be noted that a majority of the horses are a consequence of cross-breeding of Karabakh and Arabian horses. The present breed of Karabakh horses does not carry pure Karabakh blood. At present, the Karabakh horse count is less than 1,000. The horse breed is in jeopardy of extinction.

Physique of Karabakh Horse

Karabakh horse has a small, fine head with a broad forehead and large eyes. It possesses prick ears. Its nostrils are able enough for dilation. The neck is strong and well-made. Its shoulders are often quite upright. Withers, it has been prominent. Its body is tough and compact. It is also well-ribbed-up. It has good hindquarters with a tail fairly low-set. Its legs are fine for its bulky body. The legs are hard and clean and well-made. The horse holds excellent feet. It shows easy and gentle action and is comfortable for the rider.

Height of Karabakh Horse

Karabakh horse reaches a height of 14 to 15 hands high.

Body Color of Karabakh Horse

The body of the Karabakh horse is seen in dun, chestnut, or bay color; usually with a golden gleam. You can also find this horse in gray color. White markings on its body are acceptable.

The temperament of Karabakh Horse

Karabakh horse is energetic, tough, active, and calm.

Uses of Karabakh Horse

The Karabakh is a high-quality example of a light-riding horse. In the year 2004, a Karabakh horse registered its name at the top in terms of speed by running 1,000 meters in 1 minute, 9 seconds. Thus, needless to say, it is widely used where speed is the main concern.

The Karabakh horse is a mountain breed. This horse breed is of great antiquity. It was known and valued as long as 1,500 years ago and is believed to contain Turcoman, Arab and Persian blood. In its turn, it influences other Russian breeds, the Don especially, as mentioned above. During the 18th century, this horse reached the peak of popularity and was widely exported.

A few horses have been imported into England, notably by Queen Elizabeth II. Unluckily, it is now becoming rare. The slightly taller Karadagh of north-west Iran, bred just across the border from Azerbaijan, is thought to be the same horse. Not many of these remain, either. Where speed is concerned, this horse is regarded as an unparalleled one.

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