Kustanair Horse

Kustanair Horse

The Kustanair horse is a breed that was developed in Kazakhstan in the former U.S.S.R. The production of this horse breed commenced in the later part of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century. This horse breed is relatively young. Purposeful differences in management styles at different state studs formed subtypes with the Kustanair breed. The variety in the Kustanair horse breed made it suitable for various purposes.

History of Kustanair Horse

In the steppes of western Kazakhstan, the Kustanair horse was produced at state-farm studs and collective farms. Between 1887 and 1951 significant development in breeding took place. At this time, the breed got official recognition. Native Kazakh steppe horses were infused with the blood of Thoroughbred Russian Don, Astrakhan, and Stralet. Crossbreeding appeared futile in the beginning but improved management of brood mares by adding up more Thoroughbred blood in the 20th decade of the 20th century made the new horse breed see its establishment. The breeding continued in the 30th decade of the 20th century with differences in managing methods. These methods included feeding, breeding, and styles of keeping. Thus, different kinds of breeding produced two distinct types within the breed.

Physique of Kustanair Horse

There are two types of the Kustanair horse. These types are:

  • The Steppe
  • The Saddle

On the whole, this is a hardy and handsome horse. Its head is medium size, placed carefully on its long neck. The chest of this horse is deep and broad. It has a long back and its croup is sloping. The withers it has been prominent. The shoulders of this hardy horse are strong but upright. Its body is well-coupled with sloping and muscular hindquarters. It has long, well-muscled legs with plenty of bone, clean joints, and good hooves.

Height of Kustanair Horse

The Kustanair horse stands to the height of 15 hands high to 15.2 hands high in general.

Body Color of Kustanair Horse

On the body of Kustanair’s horse, you can see any of the solid colors. Usually, the colors on its body are found to be bay or chestnut. Other colors in which this horse is found are black, roan, grey, or brown.

The Temperament of Kustanair Horse

The Kustanair horse has good action and great stamina. It is intelligent, hardy, and adaptable.

Uses of Kustanair Horse

The two types of Kustanair horse together offer a wide range of performance under saddle and in harness. This horse breed is mostly used for riding and light draft work.

Interest on the part of the cavalry in the latter part of the 19th century stimulated the improvement of the small, hardy horses which ran in herds in the harsh climate of Kazakhstan. Good food and care increased the height quite quickly and later improvements were made by outcrossing with Thoroughbred, Don, and other breeds. The first type is kept stabled and is given better food. It is bred very selectively. It formed saddle-type horses. The other type is kept in the steppes and is herd-bred. It is left to look for much of its food. This horse breed turned into a hardier type and is more suited for light draft work. Different types of Kustanaithemhorse have brought them in great demand.

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