Landais Horse

The Landais horse is a pony breed. This is a semi-wild pony breed. It lives in the forests of the Landes, France. This pony is also known as Barthais or Poney Landais. It is strongly related to the larger (because it is more richly-fed) pony of the plains of the Chalosse near the Adour River and to the Barthais pony, which lives in the marshes of this river. Both these types are usually chestnut or black. This is a warm-blood pony. As you scroll down, you will be beneficiated from rich information on this pony.

History of Landais Horse

Landais Pony originally belongs to the Landes region of southwestern France. It is an old breed and carries the great influence of foreign blood. Landais pony breed is a descendant of the horse shown in the ancient cave paintings at Lascaux. Around the time of the battle of Poitiers in 732 AD and the early part of the 1900s, it is believed that a great amount of Arabian blood has been added to this breed.

To increase the build of the Landais pony, heavier breeds were crossed with this breed during the Second World War. This attempt resulted in the fact that today; it is very difficult to find a Landais that is purebred. At present, Welsh Section B and Arab stallions are in use for rebuilding the original breed. Today, a heavier and taller type of pony-Barthais is also added to the breed of Landais pony. Earlier the former was considered to be a separate breed.

Physique of Landais Horse

Landais pony is a slight-framed and light-boned pony. Its head is small and broad forehead. Also, it has a straight, muscular neck and sloping shoulders. Its mane and tail are long. It can have an underdeveloped chest and pronounced withers. The back it has is short and broad and the croup is sloping.

Height of Landais Horse

Landais Pony stands to the height between 11. 1 and 13 hands are high.

Body Color of Landais Horse

As far as the body color of Landais pony is concerned, it is found in chestnut, black, brown, or bay color.

The Temperament of Landais Horse

This pony breed is enduring, docile, kind, and intelligent.

Uses of Landais Horse

The Landais pony is a skilled one in Olympic disciplines such as show jumping, eventing, and dressage. It has proved to be a perfect sports partner for children. Its qualities in harness make it a much-sought pony. As it is an extraordinary trotter, it remains in great demand on the race track. Truly, this pony is an all-rounder

Landais Pony is a pony that is a pleasure to be with. For trail riding and competitive mounted orienteering, Landais Pony is well-suited. It easily adapts itself to every lifestyle. While on the subject of French ponies, mention should be made of the tiny Pottok, a native of the Basque region. It is similar to the Shetland in appearance, though lighter in build, comes in many colors including piebald and skewbald, and is completely wild. It is the best choice for light draft and under-saddle work. It makes a fine member of the family.

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