Libyan Barb Horse

Libyan Barb Horse

The Libyan Barb horse is a dignified one. This horse can give tough competition to the Arabian horse in the Sahara desert terrain where speed and distance both are concerned. As the name suggests, it belongs to Libya in North Africa. Though certain theories about the origin of this horse exist, none of them can claim to be exact and true. Whatever may the theories say but it can not be denied that this horse is handsome and resourceful.

History of Libyan Barb Horse

The origin of the Libyan Barb horses in North Africa is found far back in the pages of the early history of the domestication of the horse. It is said that when the Vandals have lordship over North Africa in the 5th and 6th century A.D., the western horse of Roman-nosed type came to the North African region. It got mixed with the horse of the Tarpan type. The latter was domestically bred since ancient times. After the Vandals were expelled from the region of their lordship, Moors arrived. On coming in contact with this horse, they found it of great strength and exceptional hardiness. They bred it with Arabian horses. They exposed the horse constantly to the desert climate and refined it so much that it became a favorite of all. The Libyan Barb horse of this day is the result of their efforts.

Physical Characteristics of Libyan Barb Horse

The Libyan Barb horse is a lightweight saddle horse of varying conformation. The head of this horse is not much refined and is rarely straight. The horse has a Roman nose. They have small eyes that are more oval-shaped than round. Its nostrils are wide and are not exactly round. The face structure of this horse is longer and the jaws are not very broad. The neck is longer, lower set, and habitually bent backward. The back of this horse is long with sloping hindquarters and a low-set tail.

Height of Libyan Barb Horse

Libyan Barb horses attain a height of 14-15 hands high.

Body Color of Libyan Barb Horse

You can come across Libyan Barb horses that have black, brown, bay, chestnut, or gray color.

The temperament of Libyan Barb Horse

The Libyan Barb horse is an active, intelligent, docile, frugal, and enduring one.

Uses of Libyan Barb Horse

This horse is used as a racing horse because of its great speed. The horse is also used as a terrain riding horse and also as a horse for traveling long distances and leisure riding. It is an outstanding dressage horse as well.

The Libyan Barb horse is the common mount of North Africa. It is hardy and has abundant stamina. It can do well on the poor fare and his ability as a sprinter. Though its bloodlines are aristocratic, it is much used as an everyday working animal and as such it is normally not selectively bred and so is not often anything out of the way to look at. The African nomadic Arabs knew well the excellence of these horses and cosseted them from getting mixed with the Arabian and the English Thoroughbred lest the Libyan Barb horse loses its originality.

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