Origin: France.Limousin
Height: Average 16hh.

Color: Solid colors – chestnut and bay are the most usual.


Limousin is one of the fine half-breed horses of France that are popular among horse lovers. It is the specialty of France when it comes to horse rearing. Numerous forms of horse breeds are categorized as per the size of the horse or pony, veterinary forms, or foal traveling with its weir.

Many of the local French breeds were bred as saddle horses such as the Angevin, Angonin, Charollais, Corlais, Charentais, and Vendeen. A very important role was played by these varieties in the development of the breed. The Limousin Half-breed horse breed is one such variety that falls under the category of a good quality horse of Anglo-Arab type. It has a specific oriental cast and is expected to have its origin from a foundation stock of the best as its basis.

It is believed that Limousin mares were blended for several hundred years with Thoroughbred, Arab, and Anglo-Arab stallions. Besides this, the modern Limousin is assumed to possess Anglo-Norman blood.

Limousin has a strong base in France as it is a medieval breed that comes from the region of Limousin in France. This horse breed is significant as it has a major influence on the making of the Selle FranŠ·ais. Actually, as a group, the Limousin variety of horse breeds falls under the label of Cheval de Se/le Francais.

This category is somewhat different from the Anglo-Norman and is subdivided into groups as per the locality of the breed. French native mares were supposed to be its basis that was bred to imported English Thoroughbreds. Not only this, it even had a little influence on Arabian Blood.

The objective behind the rearing of half-bred Limousin: The main objective behind the rearing of the half-bred Limousin variety was the production of good and all-purpose saddle horses. To possess these qualities, this variety was developed accordingly. Later, it achieved the status of one of the most sought-after horse breeds in France.

Characteristics of Limousin:

  • Usually appears in height 15.2 to 16hh.
  • Can be usually seen in colors Bay, brown, and chestnut.
  • Exhibits qualities like good stamina and strength.
  • Emerges elegant as well as a preferred breed as a saddle horse.

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