Lokai Horse

Lokai Horse

Lokai horse is a tough mountain horse. It is widely used for packing and transporting in the high areas of Tajikistan. It was originally bred in the 16th century by the Lokai tribe of Uzbekistan. Since then, it has been made taller and more handsome by infusions of Iomud, Karabair, and other Russian and Eastern blood. Lokai horses are the shortest in stature among the Central Asian horse breeds. They are not adequately standardized in type.

History of Lokai Horse

The mountainous areas of central and southern Tajikistan are the cradles of the Lokai horse. In these regions, it was developed as an agile and tough pack and riding a horse. The development of the Lokai horse breed is in process since the 16th century. A mixture of Central Asian breeds including assistance from the Karabair, Akhal-Teke, Iomud, and Turkmen horse breeds was used by Uzbek Lokai tribesmen. These tribesmen worked for the improvement of local horses with contributions from the mentioned horse breeds. To make further improvements in this horse breed, Arabian stallions from Bukhara and Thoroughbred and Tersk horses were used.

The physique of Lokai Horse

As far as the physical characteristics of the Lokai horse are concerned, they vary. Its head can be light or somewhat heavy and the face is straight or convex. This horse has intelligent eyes, short ears, and a straight neck. The shoulders of this horse breed are good. Its body is well-ribbed-up with a straight back and hindquarters often sloping. Its legs are hard with good bone but they have some tendency to splay in front and to sickle hocks behind. Its hooves are hard. Mane and tail are sparse and sometimes wavy or curly.

Height of Lokai Horse

On average, the height of the Lokai horse is found to be 14-14.3 hands high.

Body Color of Lokai Horse

The body color of the Lokai horse is usually bay, gray, chestnut, black, and in rare cases; dun. Sometimes there is a golden sheen on its body.

The temperament of Lokai Horse

The Lokai horse is tractable, willing, and brave.

Uses of Lokai Horse

Lokai horse has served several purposes throughout the times. This horse breed is expert enough to serve as a good means of transport over abrupt mountainous regions and they are good for racing. Often they are also used as pack animals. Now and then, the Lokai horse is also used as a draft horse. They are widely used for endurance tests and pastimes such as hawking and hunting. Its most spectacular sporting achievements are in the national game of Kokpar (goat-snatching) in which a mounted man carrying a goat carcass is pursued by others who try to take it away from him.

Courage and stamina of Lokai horse suit for sporting events. The breed tends to mature at a late age, especially when it is raised in its native habitat. When it is bred and reared in good stable conditions with enhanced feed and management, it matures more rapidly and grows bigger than its more native counterparts. Lokai horses are characterized by good action and tremendous toughness. They have great fortitude under saddle.

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