Lusitano Horse

Lusitano horses have stately physical characteristics that make them favored war horses and the chosen alternative during bullfights. Their celebrated physical dexterity has proved their versatility on the battlefield. The Lusitano horses are trouble-free to ride. Their smooth tempo along with their sharp and disciplined movements makes them extremely appropriate for competitions and fights. The Lusitano horses have also emerged as a status symbol. Their splendor and supremacy have been pointed out by several experts several times.

History of Lusitano Horse

Lusitano horse is among the foremost horse breeds in Portugal. Recently, they are identified as a separate breed. In primeval times they were largely recognized as a kind of Iberian horse. The important evidence about the origin of the Lusitano horses has been available mainly from historical and archaeological sources.

It is proved that the Lusitano horses evolved around 25,000 BC in the form of its original predecessor, the Sorraia horse breed. The name Lusitano was derived from Lusitania which may be referred to as the ancient name of the Portuguese territory when it was under a Roman domain. Today, the Lusitano horses are common in the Golega horse fairs and various horse festivals are held dedicated to the Lusitano horse breeds.

Physique of Lusitano Horse

The Lusitano horses have medium-small heads with straight faces. They have small ears and alert expressions. Their neck is muscular and their shoulders are excellent. Their body is compact with a deep girth and strong loins. They have round hindquarters. They have fine and long legs. Their mane and tail are inclined to be wavy. These are handsome horses, recognizably kin to Andalusian.

Height of Lusitano Horse

The Lusitano horses usually reach to a height of 15.2-15.3 hands high.

Body Color of Lusitano Horse

Lusitano horses are usually gray, chestnut, or bay but can be of any solid color including palomino, dun, or black.

The temperament of Lusitano Horse

Lusitano horses are intelligent, responsive, obedient, and exceptionally brave.

Uses of Lusitano Horse

In early times the Lusitano horses were initially used for driving and classical dressage. These days, you can see the Lusitano horses in Olympic disciplines. They do well in high-level combined driving competition. These horses are used for mounted bullfighting to date. This bullfighting is done in such a way that the bull is not killed and it is an ignominy to the rider if the horse is wounded. Horses bred for the sport of bullfighting must be swift and calm. The Lusitano horses have earned a lot of fame and reputation because of their competence as war horses.

The background of Lusitano’s horse is obscure. The breed has existed in Portugal for several centuries and is probably of basic Andalusian stock with perhaps some extra Arabian thrown in. These horses are characterized by their placid temperament. It is strongly believed that their vital quality of being able to bond with human beings plays a key role in asserting the Lusitano horses as one of the paramount riding horses ever. Being a status symbol, several well-known and prosperous families in Portugal rear the Lusitano horse.

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