Maremmana Horse

Maremmana Horse

The Maremmana horse saw its origin in Tuscany, a region in Central Italy. It is an inexpensive feeder. The horse is also known as Maremmano or Maremma. These horses are very stable, solid, good-natured, multitalented, enduring, brawny, and pliant. They are not extremely fast but work with the cattle using their natural ability. The Maremmana horse is an indigenous Italian breed that serves a dual purpose. A good deal of information is harmonized about this horse in the following account.

History of Maremmana Horse

The exact place of the origin of the Maremmana horse is not clear but these horses are bred in Tuscany. Probably, they have the foundations of Neapolitan blood, derived from Arab, Spanish, and Barb stock for which Renaissance Italy was celebrated. In the 19th century, it is assumed that the local, Lurcher animals would also have been crossed with English imports (particularly the Norfolk Roadsters) and possibly with half-bred stallions as well. There were several studs in the province of Maremma and some bred horses having semi-feral ancestry were also present. All of them made use of these English crosses as a means of advancing the often coarse local stock. It appears that the Maremmana developed as a distinguishing type at the stud at Grosseto. Here it was bred to be a heavy saddle or light draft horse.

Physical Characteristics of Maremmana Horse

Maremmana horse is a strong, hard, rather heavy saddle or light draft type. Usually, it has a long and heavy head. The neck of this horse is good and muscular. The withers of this horse are prominent. The chest of this horse is full. The horse has slightly sloping shoulders. The back it possesses is short and straight with sloping hindquarters and solid legs.

Height of Maremmana Horse

Maremmana horses stand between 15 hands high and 15.3 hands high.

Body Color of Maremmana Horse

The Maremmana horse is found in almost all solid colors of coat.

The temperament of Maremmana Horse

Maremmana horses are calm, active, intelligent, and patient.

Uses of Maremmana Horse

Maremmana horses are used as saddle horses and also for cattle rounding. They are also used as troop horses by the cavalry or for Italian-mounted police work. They are also used for riding in the countryside to work the cattle by the butter (cowboys or herdsmen). It is also of service to agriculture.

Maremmana horses are generally peaceful, loyal, clever, and have exceptional memories. If you train these horses properly they make outstanding trail partners, wonderful at remembering sights and things seen up to that time. Although there are several stories of valiant Maremmana protecting and defending their riders from injury and bullets during battle, there are also many stories that prove the unforgiving nature of the Maremmana horse breed. These horses have arresting memories and a lot of tales are told about Maremmana horses when they kept waiting for several years just to take revenge on the folks that harmed them. So, treat this horse nicely, take proper care and you will enjoy having it as your pet horse.

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