Metis Sokolsky Horse

Origin: Poland and USSR.

Height: 15-16hh.

Color: Any solid color. Chestnut is by far the most common.

Character: Kind, patient, calm, and hard-working.

Physique: Large head with a straight face, kind eyes, and mobile ears.Strong, clean neck.

Powerful front: well-developed, sloping shoulder, deep chest, and girth, prominent withers. Back fairly short and straight, hindquarters strong and sloping. Hard legs, almost devoid of feathers, short cannon bones, strong tendons, and large, round feet.

Description: The Sokolsky is a useful working horse for the small farmer. It has a strong constitution and is a frugal horse to keep. It adapts to almost any sort of work and is a willing worker.

Metis Sokolsky Horse originated approximately 100 years ago in Poland. It was developed through the crossing of horse breeds like Belgian Heavy Draft, Belgian Ardennes, Norfolk, Dole Gudbrandsdal, and Anglo-Norman stock. This breeding resulted in a heavy draft horse that is not very large but possesses stamina, toughness, and good gaits.

The Sokolsky horse is a strongly built inexpensive feeder and an effective worker. Due to the presence of these qualities, U.S.S.R. bred the Sokolsky.

Characteristics of Sokolsky Horse:

  • Sloping and well-formed shoulders
  • Great strength but not heavy
  • Tough built, great stamina, and exceptional forward-going gait
  • Fairly large head, straight short back, hard clean legs, and large feet
  • Long, broad and muscular neck
  • Deep chests and pronounced withers
  • Calm and amiable temperament
  • Appear in chestnut or bay color
  • Height ranges from 15 to 16 hh

Uses of Metis Sokolsky Horse

Sokolsky’s horse is comparatively a young breed. It has been recognized for around a hundred years and is known for its multi-purpose uses. Usually, it is used as a heavy draft horse and farm work.

Moreover, its brilliant forward-going gait makes it a popular breed for riding. As the maintenance is very low, the Metis Sokolsky horse is easy to keep. It adapts to any situation flexibly and is a hard-working animal.

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