Morgan Horse

Origin: United States.

Height: 14-15.2hh.

Color: Bay, brown, black, chestnut.

Character: Kind, independent, active, hard-working, and enduring.

Physique: Short, broad head with intelligent eyes, set on a thick, muscled neck. Strong shoulder, deep, broad chest, compact, muscular body with strong loins and hindquarters. Good legs with plenty of bone. Abundant mane and tail. Action is high and free. A tough, hardy horse with enormous physical strength and endurance.

Few breeds of horse can claim descent from one common foundation sire, but Justin Morgan foaled about ‘1793 in Massachusetts, was a stallion of such astonishing prepotency that his stamp in conformation, character, and height was reproduced in his offspring so often and so faithfully that a new breed of the horse began. It was named for him; or rather for his second owner, since the horse was originally named “Figure” and the later appellation”Justin Morgan” seems to have been an abbreviation of “Justin Morgan’shorse.” Justin Morgan appears to have changed hands several times, doing grueling work as a farm horse, winning weight-pulling contests, and also racing unbeaten both in harness and under saddle. He died in Vermont in 1821.

Despite exhaustive research, the parentage of Justin Morgan remains obscure. It seems quite likely that he may have been almost pure WelshCob. The Welsh Cob theory has some support in the preponderance of Welsh family names in the region in which Justin Morgan lived and has great support in the appearance of the Morgan horse today.

The modern Morgan horse is a taller and more refined version of Justin Morgan. It is an all-purpose breed, popular in harness and under saddle, and its good nature, economy, and endurance have made it deservedly popular.

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