Murakoz Horse

The Murakoz horse is a draft horse of medium size. This horse has a kind temperament, vigor, and readiness to work. It was developed in the south of Hungary on the banks of the river Mura. It is also known by the name of Murakosi. The Murakoz horse is well-known for its ability to survive on pretty low amounts of food. This horse breed is said to mature at an early age and is competent of beginning work earlier than a majority of draft breeds.

History of Murakoz Horse

The Murakoz horse breed was very famous as a working horse. This horse breed saw its development around the turn of the 20th century. The breed has derived its name from the town of Murakoz, located in the southern part of the country. Percheron, Noriker, Hungarian half-bred stallions, and Ardennes with the native Hungarian mares consisted of the foundation stock of this horse breed. The combination of the mentioned horse breeds gave birth to a horse that was well-built, fast and active, and of good quality.

These traits brought the new breed in great demand. For heavy agricultural work, this horse breed was particularly in demand between the wars. One-fifth part of all the horses in Hungary was the Murakoz horses in the second decade of the past century. It is regrettably said that the horse breed has to undergo several losses in World War II. After 1945 i.e. the end of the war, sincere attempts were made to establish this horse breed once again. Thus, between 1947 and 1949; 17 Ardennes stallions were imported to rebuild the exhausted stock. Still, the breed is becoming rare these days.

Physique of Murakoz Horse

The Murakoz horse has a plain and neat head with a convex face, kind eyes, and large ears. Its neck is short and lightly crested. It has a very powerful front. There are almost no withers on its body. This horse has a deep girth. It has a strong body of medium length with a pronounced dip in the back and its hindquarters are round with sloping croup. It has short and muscular legs with pronounced joints and medium or light feathers. It has round hooves.

Height of Murakoz Horse

Generally, you will find the Murakoz horse standing to the height of about 16 hands high.

Body Color of Murakoz Horse

The Murakoz horse usually wears a coat of chestnut color, often with a flaxen mane and tail. Its coat is also found to be bay, brown, gray, or black.

The Temperament of Murakoz Horse

The Murakoz horse is docile, willing, and active when it comes to its temperament.

Uses of Murakoz Horse

The Murakoz horse is at present bred in two versions: one is taller and built more massively. It is used by and large for draft work. The smaller and lighter type is suitable for under-saddle work and also for draft and farm use. Their powerful and compact build and on the whole good conformation provide them with great vigor and sturdiness.

Murakoz horse is a strong, active horse and well fitted to heavy farm work and it met the Hungarian need so well that shortly after the First World War, one out of every five horses in the land was a Murakoz. Many were killed during World War II and though efforts are being made, it is now most unlikely that it will ever regain its former numbers. It is not Hercules’s job to keep this horse as it is an economical feeder and can survive on frugal pickings.

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