Mustang Horse

  • Origin: United States.
  • Height: 14-15 hh.
  • Color: All colors.
  • Character: Brave, independent, and intractable.

Physique: Lightweight saddle horse of scrub type and usually plain appearance. Good bone, very hard legs, and feet. The Mustang horse is extremely hardy and thrifty.

Mustangs are feral horses of North America, which used to roam the plains at large during the pioneering days of the country. They are descended from the Spanish.

The Mustang horses are brought by the Conquistadors who got loose or were captured by tribes. Over some 300 years of freedom, they adapted themselves, by natural selection and by the survival of the fittest, from quality Spanish to very tough, elegant utility animals. They came in all colors, shapes, and sizes. They were the ponies used by the Indians and were also known as the cow ponies.

The Mustang horse is light and warm-blooded. The color of the Mustang horse can be all colors. Most Mustang horses are of Spanish descent so they exhibit Spanish characteristics. Some herds of the horses are found in isolated areas that have strong Spanish descent including Kiger Mustang and Cerat Mustang.

Today the Mustang is on the decline, though its continued existence. This is due to the
government laws ensuring its protection and allotting specific areas of free range. It has been largely replaced on the ranches by horses of better quality, and even the Bronco — the name given to most intractable fighters among the wild Mustangs — is now being home for rodeo bucking competitions.

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