Nonius Horse

Nonius horse belongs to Hungary. It is both huge and strapping. It is a solid and muscular breed. This potent breed is known to be a good workhorse. It also has ample stamina and is uncomplicated to handle. Nonius Senior, the breed’s namesake, was foaled in 1810 in Normandy (France). The Hungarians captured it during the Napoleonic Wars. Nowadays, this breed has two types- a heavier, draft horse and a smaller, lighter strain that is more appropriate to work in the saddle. These horses are also being crossbred with Thoroughbreds to fashion calmer sport horses that are burly and fast but also uncomplaining.

History of Nonius Horse

The Austrian Imperial Armies captured numerous young stallions during the Napoleonic Wars. The Austrian armies captured them from a French farm at Rosieres. The captured stallions included a light-chestnut Anglo-Norman stallion called Nonius. In 1816 this stallion was assigned to Mezohegyes. For 17 years from 1816, Nonius Senior was kept there. During these 17 years, he was made to mate with 368 mares.

This resulted in the birth of 79 stallions and 122 mare foals. Of his offspring, 15 colts studied for a total of 100 years in Mezohegyes. In 1989, the foundation of the Nonius Horse Breeders National Association began with the defining objectives of farming purebreds and protecting genes once again.

Physique of Nonius Horse

The Nonius horse has a bold and attractive head with kind eyes and open nostrils. The ears are alert and well-set on a long and strong neck. This horse has good strong shoulders and good withers. Its barrel is rounded with a rather broad back and loins and well-sprung ribs. The hindquarters are fine and the legs are hard with short pasterns. It has round and small hooves. This is a compact carriage or saddle horse which has active and free-striding.

Height of Nonius Horse

Nonius horses stand between 15.1 hands high and 16.1 hands high.

Body Color of Nonius Horse

The color found on the body of the Nonius horse is either black, dark bay, or dark brown.

The temperament of Nonius Horse

The Nonius horse has an excellent temperament. It is a willing, consistent, calm, kind, and active horse.

Uses of Nonius Horse

At present, the Nonius horse is used chiefly for agricultural work but some of the improved trotting individuals are triumphant on the international stage in carriage sport. If you keep a Nonius horse for a hobby, it can prove to be a family’s horse for all purposes. The reason is that this horse is equally at home in a carriage or under the saddle. These horses are also used for the sport of combined driving.

This medium-heavy horse is suitable for all purposes. It is a forerunner of the Furioso horse which closely resembles it. Both originated in the Mezohegyes Stud in Hungary. The modern Nonius has many uses, ranging from sport through the carriage to agriculture. Outcrossed to lighter breeds such as the Thoroughbred, it produces first-class hunters, eventers and show jumpers. The Nonius is now also bred in Yugoslavia, Romania, and Czechoslovakia.

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