North Swedish Trotter

The North Swedish horse has a superb temperament and is very obliging. Its temperament is valued greatly and is a careful consideration when it comes to breeding. As clear from the name, this horse breed originated in Sweden. It is blessed with a long life and appears to be moderately immune to many equine diseases. This horse is a good trotter. It can be easily said that this horse is even-tempered, courageous, and hardy.

History of North Swedish Horse

The North Swedish Horse is a quite young breed. Its studbook was established in 1909. These horses have close relations with the Dole Gudbrandsdal. The reason is that both horse breeds have been developed from the ancient native horses of the region. The North Swedish horse breed carries the infusions of Friesian and Oldenburg horse breeds and also some cross-breeding with the heavy European draft breeds.

There have been very severe regulations for the breeding of North Swedish horses since 1903. This has been done as an effort to continue their meticulous admirable characteristics. The Stallion Rearing Institute of Wangen in Jamtland is today amongst the main North Swedish studs. This stud has been the foremost in making efforts for the continuation of the unique characteristics of this horse breed.

The physique of North Swedish Horse

The Head of the North Swedish horse is rather large with a straight face and long ears, in some cases; it looks reminiscent of the original Forest type of Northern Europe. It has a short and crested neck and sturdy, sloping shoulders. It has a roomy chest. The body of this horse is long, deep, broad, and powerful.

The hindquarters are round with sloping croup. It has excellent legs that are short and clean and with abundant bone. The hooves are large and round. It has a thick mane and tail. There is a moderate feather on the heels. The general effect is of a strong-framed, long-bodied, muscular horse. It is frugal and of the excellent constitution. Its action is clean, energetic, and long-striding.

Height of North Swedish Horse

On average, a North Swedish horse stands to the height of 15.1-15.3 hands high.

Body Color of North Swedish Horse

The body of the North Swedish horse is covered with either black, bay, brown, chestnut, or dun color.

The Temperament of North Swedish Horse

The North Swedish horse is active, willing, and extremely good-natured.

Uses of North Swedish Horse

North Swedish Horses are willing and supportive workers. These horses were extensively used for farm and forest work in Sweden as they are more efficient in these conditions than machinery. This horse breed is amongst the few breeds of cold blood that are used in harness racing. These horses are also properly suited for forestry and agricultural work. In their homeland, these horses are famous for frivolous equestrian activities.

The North Swedish horse stems from a smaller native horse. Like most native domestic horses of all nations which were not of outstanding appearance, it was for centuries interbred indiscriminately with any available stallion. No distinct type was aimed at until 1890 when a breed society was formed and Dole-Gudbrandsdal stallions that must be of the same basic stock were introduced to provide uniformity.

This horse is exceptionally tractable and kind. It does well on almost any fare and is resistant to most diseases. It is thus an economic horse to handle in terms of labor, creating little extra work. It is valued by farmers and timbermen and has worked well as an artillery horse for the army.

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