Paso Fino Horse

The Paso Fino horse reflects its Spanish legacy through its pompous carriage, style, and sophistication. With its vivacious but controlled spirit, natural gait and presence, and alert attitude, the Paso Fino is indeed an exceptional and desirable equine partner. This horse breed saw its origin in Puerto Rico (USA), Columbia and South America, and also Caribbean Islands. There is no need for special training to enable the Paso Fino horse to perform its specialty which is a natural four-beat tread. It provides a ride of unsurpassed smoothness.

History of Paso Fino Horse

The Paso Fino horses were bred in Latin America from the time of the Spanish Conquistadors. This horse breed was unknown in this country until the 4th decade of the past century. The credit for bringing these horses here goes to Christopher Columbus. It is a combination of Andalusian, Barb, and the Spanish Jennet. The last one is extinct now. More horses were brought from Spain and these horses were selectively bred with them.

This gave birth to a breed that was robust, economical feeder, and has a smooth gait. A group of the U.S. armed forces that were stationed in Puerto Rico during the Second World War discovered these horses. They became the first to import these horses back to the U.S. From that time, Paso Fino horses have also been imported from Colombia, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic.

Physique of Paso Fino Horse

The Paso Fino has numerous different body types from pretty small and sophisticated to very large and authoritative. The action of the two strains is rather different. The Puerto Rican Paso Fino is prized for its fine or delicate step while the Colombian Paso Fino tends to have more rapid action. Generally, it can be said that it has an Arab-type head that is gaily carried. It has short pricked ears, expressive eyes, and open nostrils. The shoulders are good and the back is short with strong loins and hindquarters. The legs are hard, the light of bone with short cannon bones and hard feet.

Height of Paso Fino Horse

The Paso Fino horse usually grows to a height between 14 to 15 hands high.

Body Color of Paso Fino Horse

Paso Fino horses are seen in all basic and solid colors. They can also be seen in grey and roan colors. This horse breed has some striking color tones and shades because of its direct link to the Barb horse.

Temperament of Paso Fino Horse

Paso Fino is gay, tractable, and a willing horse.

Uses of Paso Fino Horse

Paso Fino horse is a versatile one and this is the reason that it is widely used in several disciplines. These horses are multitalented and can be used in many disciplines. You will often find these horses competing in Western classes such as barrels, trail, reining, and cow penning. They are also usually used for trail riding and endurance competitions, driving, and gymkhana.

The Paso Fino exhibits three natural lateral four-beat gaits, a comfortable inherited characteristic that does not have to be taught but which appears in the foal since birth. The slowest and most collected gait is called the Paso fino; then comes the paso corto, which covers long distances at a steady pace and lastly there is the fastest- paso largo. The last one is not just a boost in speed but also shows a distinct extension in the tramp.

It is believed that the gaits trace directly to early imported Spanish horses of the 16th century. It is also believed that apart from modifications and refinements to suit its new and varying climate, the Paso Fino remains similar to the mounts of the Spanish explorers. Strains developed separately in Puerto Rico, Peru, and Colombia are now being merged in the United States into the American Paso Fino.

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