Pony of the Americas

Origin: United States.

Height: 11.2-13hh.

Color: Appaloosa (showing any of six color patterns).

Character: Willing, gentle, versatile; ideal for the young rider.

Physique: A miniature Appaloosa horse, displaying style, substance, and symmetry. Arab-type head, concave face, large eyes, pointed ears. Good shoulder, deep chest, short, muscular back, rounded body, hindquarterslengthy and well muscled. Legs clean, and short in the cannon bone. Good feet. Neck slightly arched, head held proudly. Gay tail carriage. Action smooth in all its paces, the walk being straight with a long, easy stride, the trot balanced and free.

The Pony of the Americas is one of the very few breeds to be certain of its origin, no doubt because it is one of the newest. It began in 1956 when Mr. Leslie L. Boomhower, a horse breeder living in Mason City, Iowa, crossed a Shetland stallion on an Appaloosa mare and got a very attractive miniature Appaloosa colt, which he called Black Hand. Blackhand was so successful in the show ring, and so much generally admired by those who appreciated a good children’s pony, that he became the foundation sire of a new breed.

The Pony of the Americas quickly became popular. It now has its own Stud Book, with P.O.A. Clubs in 24 States and Canada, and by the end of, of1971 12,598 ponies were registered. Foals are provisionally included in the register, but it is not until the ponies are 3 years old that they can officially qualify for the Stud Book. Qualification is based on height, which must not be less than 11.2hh and must not exceed 13hh, on type, which is precisely laid down, and on coloring, which must conform to one of the recognized Appaloosa patterns. Examinations for the registry are carried out by club inspectors or by veterinary surgeons.

The Pony is intended as a versatile mount for a young rider up to 16 years of age. It has proved itself successful on trail rides, and as a show jumper.

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