Salerno Horse

The Salerno horse is also known by the name of Salernitano. This is a warmblood horse and belongs to Salerno which is a province of Italy. The Salerno horse breed was the consequence of the crossbreeding of Andalusians and Neapolitans. This horse breed has an incredible readiness not only to perform but also to please people.

History of Salerno Horse
The Salerno Horse originally belongs to the Salerno province in Italy. Until the eighth decade of the 18th century, no system was fixed for the breeding of horses. This was the time when people started breeding selectively at the Persano Stud. Neapolitan, Oriental, and Spanish blood created the foundation stock of blood. King Charles III, the King of Naples and Spain promoted this new horse breed.

It was at the Persano Stud where a blend of local stock and Lippizzans was introduced to the Salerno breed. At the stud, three Lippizzan stallions were predominantly prominent on the Salerno horse. These horses are considered to be the foundation sires of the Salerno Horse breed. A breed known as Persano is also there which resembles more closely to an Anglo-Arabian.

In the year 1864, the Persano Stud was closed. Then, a majority of these horses were shifted to the Italian Army Remount Station in Grosseto. You can find them at this place to date. Private owners have bought some of them.

Thoroughbred and Hackney blood was introduced in the 20th century. The introduction of these new bloodlines assisted in increasing the size of the new horse breed and also worked for its refinement. A stud called Morese Stud was built newly. It turned out to be among the instrumental studs for the Salerno horse breed. This new stud was located near the original Persano Stud.

Physique of Salerno Horse
The Salerno horse has a slightly large head which shows definite quality. It has a long and strapping neck. This horse has sloping shoulders and burly quarters. Its withers are prominent and short. The chest is wide and profound. It has rounded and brawny croup. The legs are well-shaped and their joints are fine. The structure of the hooves is good. Its general conformation is attractive.

Height of Salerno Horse
The Salerno horse stands to the height of about 16 hands high.

Body Color of Salerno Horse
You can find any solid color on the body of the Salerno Horse. Generally, the horse is found in chestnut, black, and bay.

The temperament of Salerno Horse
The Salerno Horse is sagacious and compliant.

Uses of Salerno Horse
The Salerno horse has proved itself to be an unsurpassed riding horse. It is also an excellent cavalry mount. As far as sports are concerned, these horses are wonderful sports horses as well. In show jumping, the Salerno horse is unequaled. The good and natural jump which they are blessed with helps them all the more in competing strongly in sports.

The Salerno, a favorite of the Italian army, is now on the decline. It is a high-quality saddle horse, showing aristocratic ancestry. Thoroughbred cross-breeding of the Salerno horse has to led to the production of good-quality cavalry remounts. These remounts are now used in mounted formations of police. They are celebrated for their above-average jumping ability.

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