Sardinian Horse

The Sardinian Horse is also popular by the name of Anglo-Arabo-Sardo (AAS) or Sardinian Anglo-Arab. This horse breed was developed in Sardinia. Thus, it is known as the Sardinian horse. Its genesis in Italy traces to Sardinia. It has been selectively bred at the latter place for more than one hundred years. It holds an acceptable riding horse conformation. In the following account, you will come across a good deal of information about this horse breed.

History of Sardinian Horse

For hundreds of years, Sardinia kept importing horses. Crossbreeding between Arabians and Barbs was the base of its island breed. In the 15th century, a stud of Spanish horses was founded by Ferdinand of Spain. This stud is now called Andalusian near Abbasanta. Here, horses began to appear who were of distinctive types. The local breeders obtained stallions from this stud. Later other studies were established at Monte Minerva, Padromannu, and Mores.

The horses developed earned a reputation of being tough saddle horses having great stamina. Horse breeding faced a setback when Sardinia passed from Spain to the House of Savoy in 1720. The commencement of the 20th century witnessed the revival of breeding as Arabian horses were imported for stock improvement in 1908. The modern Sardinian horse is the aftermath of the re-introduction of Thoroughbred blood.

The physique of Sardinian Horse

The Sardinian horse is a tough horse of good conformation. The finest among the Sardinian horses have a pronounced eastern appearance. Its graceful neck arches with poise and joins smoothly to a refined head having a straight profile. It has solid feet and legs.

Height of Sardinian Horse

The Sardinian Horse stands to the height of 15 to 15.2 hands high.

The body color of Sardinian Horse

Bay, brown, chestnut, or gray are the colors in which Sardinian Horse is usually found.

The Temperament of Sardinian Horse

Sardinian Horse is intelligent and sensible by nature. It is enduring, bold, hardy, and sure-footed as well.

Uses of Sardinian Horse

Since the sixth decade of the past century, Sardinian Horse is holding an eminent place in the sport of eventing. It has also earned a reputation for being a steeplechaser and a racehorse. The Grand Prix des Pouliches in Tarbes was won by the Sardinian Horse in 1990. Another Sardinian stallion stood first in the Prix du Ministere in the year 1997.

The folk festivals of Sardinia’s Horse culture like The Cavalcata Sarda, Ardia di Sedilo, and Sartiglia di Oristano are incomplete without the Sardinian Horse. Mounted regiments of the Carabinieri police force have made use of many specimens and thus carried on the tradition of this horse breed as a cavalry horse.

The Sardinian, as its name implies, is an island breed. It is used largely by the mounted police and as a general saddle horse. With training, it can be taught to jump to show standard and it has in the past participated in international competition as a member of the Italian Army team. The Sardinian horse looks very much similar to the Anglo-Arabian horse in type. At present, Sardinian horse shows great talent in equestrian sports.

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