Schles Wig Horse

The Schleswig Horse breed is found in the northernmost region of Germany, Schleswig Holstein. Thus, its name is based on the region where it was found. Also, a certain amount is found in Lower Saxony. This horse breed is relatively a younger one. It is a multi-talented horse and is used for several kinds of chores. As you carry on navigating through this account, you will get to know more about this horse breed.

History of Schleswig Horse

The development of the Schleswig Horse took place during the 19th century in its second half. Germany holds the importance to be the country of its origin. The Schleswig Horse resembles the Danish Jutland horse to a great extent. The former is a medium, mixed-draught horse. Towards the close of the 19th century, lighter horses were used for cross-breeding the Schleswig. Over time, Schleswig Horse earned the fame of being a forestry, farm and tram, and bus horse.

It suffered from a serious setback in terms of numbers and value during the First World War. It recovered with the help of infusions of Boulonnais and Breton blood. Thus, towards the end of the Second World War, its production made significant progress but the widespread mechanization made the numbers go down once again. The rest of the Schleswig horses were cross-bred with Jutlands to amplify their size.

The physique of Schleswig Horse

Schleswig Horse is a compact and dense one. It has a plain, rather large head with a convex profile and kind eyes. Its neck is short and crested. It has a powerful front with a broad chest, and deep girth, and its withers are almost unnoticeable. Its hindquarters are well-muscled. Its body is rather long and slab-sided. It has short, muscular, and lightly-feathered legs.

Height of Schleswig Horse

The Schleswig Horse attains a height of 15.2-16 hands high.

The body color of Schleswig Horse

The body color of Schleswig Horse is almost always found to be chestnut, often with a flaxen mane and tail; occasionally gray and bay.

The temperament of Schleswig Horse

Schleswig Horse has a kind, gentle and willing temperament.

Uses of Schleswig Horse

Schleswig Horse was chiefly used as a draught horse to work in farms and haul timber. It was also used to pull omnibuses, for military use in industry, and as brewery horses in the early part of the past century. At present, this horse breed is used for pulling enclosed wagons and for leisure time activities. It is also widely used in nurseries.

The Schleswig Horse breed is similar to Jutland and the Suffolk Punch, though it is a shade lighter and more cob-like than either. Bred like the Rhineland to satisfy a 19th-century demand for a strong agricultural and industrial worker of good temperament, it contains a variety of bloodlines. It derives largely from Jutland and Suffolk horses, helped by Breton and Boulonnais blood. Even the Thoroughbred and Yorkshire Coach Horse played small roles in its history, though their influence is not noticeable.

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