Shagya Arab Horse

The Shagya Arab horse originated in Bablona, Hungary. It carries the merits of the Desert Arabian horse with the necessities of the riding horse of modern times. These necessities are a big frame, enough height, and great rideability as well as jumping ability and great movement. Owing to its qualities like hardiness, easy keeping, elegance, and vivaciousness, it enjoys a global status. The following account will enrich your knowledge about this horse.

History of Shagya Arab Horse

The 19th century witnessed the origin of the Shagya Arab horse. It was the time when the central part of Europe was disturbed by frequent wars. Hungary was bound to be shaken by this turmoil being situated at the heart of the continent. It is also famous for its Arabian horses. The Shagya Arab horse breed evolved at Bablona.

The Shagya stallion was the founding sire of the Shagya Arab. The former sired numerous Shagya Arabs and promised this continuation. The new breed was known as ‘Arab’ until 1982 but later the name was changed to ‘Shagya Arab’ officially after the most admired strain. Today, the Shagya Arab horse is bred in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, and Austria.

Physique of Shagya Arab Horse

The Shagya Arab horse shows very similar characteristics to that of the purebred Arabian horse. It has a high tail. Its bones are sound and this is the horse of wonderful endurance. Due to diminutive non-Arabian breeding and the breeding aims of the studs of Hungary, the resultant horse breed i.e. Shagya Arab horse tends to be bigger-boned, taller, and less refined than purebred Arabians. It has well-formed and dry limbs.

Height of Shagya Arab Horse

Shagya Arab horse stands to a height of a minimum of 15 hands high and commonly 16 hands high. You can find some exceptional cases where some individuals are seen to grow to a height of less or more than the above-mentioned height.

Body Color of Shagya Arab Horse

The coat of the Shagya Arab horse is most commonly found to be gray. Bay, black and chestnut colors are also found on the body of this horse.

The Temperament of Shagya Arab Horse

Shagya Arab is an extremely versatile, alert, intelligent, and enduring horse breed.

Uses of Shagya Arab Horse

The horse breed of Shagya Arab is used for riding and driving in harnesses. In the days of old, this horse breed held a good reputation for being an enduring cavalry horse. It is also a good draught horse. At present, this horse breed is famous as an excellent sports horse which is a masterpiece in a variety of sport horse disciplines such as eventing, endurance riding, and dressage. In the year 2006, the FEI Endurance World Champion went to a Shagya Arab horse.

The descendants of Shagya are now at stud in the United States, Poland, Germany, Austria, Rumania, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia and are still bred at Babolna. Stallions take the name Shagya followed by a Roman numeral indicating the number of generations separating them from the foundation sire. The Shagya Arabian stud books have been bunged for more than 200 years and the addition of only purebred Arabian blood has been done.

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