Swedish Ardennes Horse

Swedish Ardennes horse is a horse breed of medium built and heavy draft chores. In the later part of the 19th century, these horses were bred in Sweden as a consequence of their popularity in agriculture. As the name suggests, the Swedish Ardennes horse is a native of Sweden. The Swedish Ardennes horse was the result of cross-breeding of imported Ardennes with horses of North Sweden. Fashioning a heavier horse than the native Swedish horse was the target of this cross-breeding.

History of Swedish Ardennes Horse

Count C.G. Wrangle was the first person to bring the large Ardennes horse to Sweden in the year 1872. He did so to create heavier horses in the country. In most of the southern and central parts of Sweden, Ardennes was cross-bred or imported by the year 1880. The horses of the Swedish countryside were made to breed with these heavier horses. The result was very itinerant horses that were manifested by endurance. The great success in breeding; lead to the opening of a studbook in the year 1901.

Breeding of Swedish Ardennes Horse

The wild population of Swedish horses was arbitrarily crossed with other imported breeds. Even when the breeding efforts of studs were focused, the criterion of choosing the horses was their appearance rather than conformation standards which have to be well examined. All of this witnessed a change by 1874 and examining horses became requisite for an entrance into the stud book for a Swedish Ardennes horse, Swedish Warmblood horse, and North Swedish Horse stock.

The physique of Swedish Ardennes Horse

Swedish Ardennes horse has crested neck and immense, muscular body compactly put together. Its eyes are small. It has a deep girth, a short back, and short legs. Its shoulders are well-muscled. It does not have many feathers on the legs.

Height of Swedish Ardennes Horse

Swedish Ardennes horse grows to the height of 15.2 to 16 hands high.

Body Color of Swedish Ardennes Horse

You will notice Swedish Ardennes horses most commonly in black, bay, brown, or chestnut color.

The temperament of Swedish Ardennes Horse

Swedish Ardennes horse is an energetic, hardy, quiet, kind, and hard-working horse breed.

Uses of Swedish Ardennes Horse

The Swedish Ardennes horse has earned great repute as a cart-horse. It is used for hauling timber in mountainous areas that are inaccessible to machinery and transport. These traits have contributed to maintaining its importance in the machinery and gadget freak world.

The Swedish Ardennes horse is bred from Ardennais horses imported from Belgium and crossed with the indigenous North Swedish horse. The Ardennais blood is predominant as can be seen from its appearance and mentioned above. The climate and terrain of the Swedish plain lands are sufficiently similar to the Belgian country. This caused a little divergence of type from the original imported horses, although when bred in the colder and steeper hill country the horse becomes smaller and more agile. Formerly much in demand as a carthorse and general heavy farm worker, the Swedish Ardennes is now declining in numbers because of the few tasks that are left for it to do.

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