Tchneran Horse

Origin: Iran.

Height: About 15hh.

Color: Any solid color.

Character: Spirited, willing, active, enduring, docile.

Physique: Alert, elegant. head with the large, liquid eye, carried gaily on an arched neck. Good, sloping shoulder, prominent withers; compact body, with good loins and strong hindquarters. Hard legs and feet. Action straight and airy. A tough little horse, possessing both courage and stamina.

The Tchenaran is the product of a Plateau Persian stallion and a Turkomanmare, as a mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey, or an Anglo-Araba cross between a Thoroughbred and an Arab. As such, it is not usual to breed a Tchenaran to a Tchenaran, since the offspring tends to deteriorate in quality. Crossing a Turkoman stallion onto a Plateau Persianmare does not produce a foal of such high caliber, so the opposite cross is always used.

Tchenarans have been bred since at least the 18th century. They make excellent saddle horses, beautiful, adaptable, and bold, and were until recently much in demand by the cavalry.

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