Tennesse Walking Horse

Origin: United States.

Height: 15-16hh.

Color: All solid colors.

Character: Docile, kind, willing, and gay.

Physique: Plain head with prick ears, nobly carried on a firm, arched neck. Strong, sloping shoulder with a broad chest. Broad, powerful body with strong loins and hindquarters. Clean, hard legs. Abundant mane and tail, usually worn long and full, and artificially high tail carriage.

Like the Morgan, the Tennessee Walking Horse traces to one prepotent120 stallion, a Standardbred trotter named Black Allan, who was foaled in1886. Black Allan contained both Morgan and Hambletonian blood. Other breeds who contributed to the Tennessee Walker were the Thoroughbred, Saddlebred, and Narragansett Pacer. The Walker was developed through selective breeding by southern plantation owners who aimed for a combination of stamina with great comfort and smoothness of gait.

The results have been extremely successful. The Tennessee Walker has acquired a unique running walk gait, making it the most comfortable ride in the world. It is a gait that apparently cannot be taught to any other breed, but in the Tennessee Walker, it is now almost inbred, so that foals are sometimes seen to perform it without any ether instruction but that to imitate their dams. The action of the forefeet is high and straight; that of the hind feet is very long-striding. The horse moves with a four-beat gait, the forefoot touching the ground fractionally before the diagonally opposite hind foot, which oversteps the track of the forefoot by some 6-15 in. The effect is a steady, gentle, gliding movement, and the horse swings into his rhythm with a nodding head and clicking teeth.

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