Trait Dunord Horse

The Trait du Nord is a heavy horse. It owes its origin to France and is bred in northeast France. It contains additions of Belgian and Dutch Draught blood. The breed was fixed shortly after the turn of the century and a stud book was opened in 1919. At present, the Trait du Nord horse is a breed that is experiencing a fast turndown in terms of records but before that, it has enjoyed the taste of great name and fame to the fullest. While you carry on navigating the following lines, you will get to know more and more about it.

History of Trait du Nord Horse

The lineage of Trait du Nord horse involves the bloodlines of horse breeds- Belgian, Boulonnais, and Ardennes. At times, it is referred to as a branch of the Ardennais breed, which is incorrect. The commencement of the past century gave grounds for the identification of this horse breed. It was in the year 1919 that the studbook for Trait du Nord Horse was established. It is a matter of concern that this horse breed is fast declining in numbers though it is bred in the region around the Aisne, Lille, the Pas-de-Calais, Seine-et-Marne, and the Somme departments.

Physique of Trait du Nord Horse

Trait du Nord horse is a very strong heavy draught horse. It weighs approximately between 1,320 and 1,760 lbs. It is very similar to the Ardennais in appearance, though it is bigger and heavier. It has a heavy head and massive neck and a particularly powerful front; deep girth, a muscular body, and strong hindquarters with sloping croup and a low-set tail. Its feathers are not excessive for a horse of its type. This horse breed is very hardy.

Height of Trait du Nord Horse

Trait du Nord horse stands at a height of 15.3 to 16.1 hands high.

Body Color of Trait du Nord Horse

The coat of Trait du Nord horse is of the bay, chestnut or roan color.

The temperament of Trait du Nord Horse

This horse is very gentle, docile, and enduring, and possesses great strength and a calm disposition.

Uses of Trait du Nord Horse

In the present day, the horse breed of Trait du Nord is used for a range of situations that includes farm work and timber transport as well as spare time activities. For leisure activities, this horse is used in harness pulling various horse-drawn vehicles and under saddle for trekking. These horses are perfectly suited to work in undulating and rough terrain.

Talking about the Trait du Nord horse and not mentioning anything about its population and evolution will not be correct. Its population met with a fast decline not long after the First World War, but in northern France, farmers somehow managed to keep this tough and tender breed from completely fading out. The records talk about only about 30 registered stallions and brood mares and even though there has been assistance to help in the improvement of the breed, its future is still shrouded in mystery. We have to make sincere efforts to give a hopeful future to this horse breed.

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