Traveling with a Horse

To ensure a safe journey it is necessary to take certain precautions. Most horses travel very well and are unaffected by the experience, others are worried about traveling in a vehicle.

To protect the horse from physical injury whilst being transported he should be fitted with woolen traveling studs and western boots. These should cover the legs from the top of the cannon bone down to well over the coronet. They should provide both physical protection from blows to the legs, and warmth. Both knee and hock boots should be fitted. The tail should be bandaged and a tail guard fitted over the top of the bandage. Many tails have been spoilt by rubbing, even for only a short period, on the ramp of a trailer.

A ‘poll guard’ can be fitted to the head collar to protect the poll should the horse throw up his head. Depending on the climate, the horse may, or may not, need to wear rugs. On a cold day, he may need a sweat rug and one or a woolen rug. A journey in a horse box or trailer can be draught cold even when the air temperature is quite high on a sunny day. On a warm day, it may only be necessary for the horse to wear a summer sheet to keep off the dust.

A hay net usually keeps him occupied on a long journey. There are occasions when a horse shouldn’t have a large hay net before arrival and under these circumstances, a small hay net is all that is necessary. When two horses are to travel together, a hay net each may discourage them from nipping at one another around the partition. If this does not work, then an extension board can be fitted to the front of the partition to keep their heads apart.

Some bad travelers have been known to travel more happily facing the rear. Some horses travel better alone, in a double horse trailer with the partition removed, so that they can stand Satan’s angle, giving them a better chance to balance themselves. These variations are worth trying when a horse assails difficulties.

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