Used Horse Trailers

Horse trailers are used to transport horses from one place to another. The trailers are available in different designs in the market and are highly required by people for the transportation of horses. Horse trailers do not come cheap; they cost quite a lot of money. But horse owners need not fret because there is an option to go for a used horse trailer. Before buying a used horse trailer, you will need to have a good understanding of horse trailers.

Since all horses have a different growing tendency, therefore the size of the trailer fluctuates from animal to animal. People usually get confused while selecting a horse trailer because it comes in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. You should do ample research on various horse trailers before you buy a used horse trailer. The following common types of horse trailers are:

  • The stock trailer: This is one of the least categories. This is used for hauling livestock. It usually doesn’t contain any partitions to separate the horses even if it doesn’t contain any drop-down windows. Your typical stock trailer can accommodate three to four horses. They are a bit uncomfortable for the horses because the floors are usually not pretty as thick or impact resistant, they are quite heavy to pull also.
  • The straight load trailer: These are well admired by the people before the “slant load trailer” come out in the market. They carry enough space to accommodate two horses along with a manger area. Horses are more comfortable in a slant load trainer as compared to straight-load trailers.
  • The slant load trailer: This is one of the well-admired trailers in the market. They have the accommodation of about ten horses depending upon the size. It is more comfortable than the straight-load trailer as the stop-and-go and turning aren’t as difficult to balance in a slant load.

These are the most common types of horse trailers. But still, several trailers are different in size, some in material, and some in accommodation space. The owner should follow these factors before purchasing a used horse trailer.

  1. Before purchasing a trailer owner should identify his and his horse’s needs while hauling. When the owner can identify the specific needs, appropriate trailers can be selected that could target these specifics.
  2. Owners should always take a test drive of the trailer before purchasing it to check if it’s working. He should check the brakes, tires and mileage, and other necessary things before purchasing it.
  3. Owners should check the framework of the trailer as well. He should even ensure it from the bottom as it may be rusted. The trailer must have a proper ventilation system.
  4. Trailers should have safety chains in them to protect the horses in case of emergency. The roof should be made from fiberglass. The body of the trailer should be properly examined before purchase.
  5. Before purchasing used horse trailers make sure that the bill is in your name. Also, check that the trailer is meeting your and your horse’s requirement or not. Owners should follow the above-mentioned points before buying a used horse trailer to ensure proper safety and ventilation for their horses.

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