Viatka Horse

  • Origin: USSR.
  • Height: 13-14hh.

Color: Dark colors. Dun, roan, gray are the most common. Many have adorsal stripe, and slight zebra stripes on forelegs are not uncommon.

Physique: Longish head with wide, slightly concave, forehead. Muscularneck set into strong, deep chest with sloping shoulders. Broad, straightback with well-sprung ribs. Powerful hindquarters. Legs short with plentyof bone, the forelegs set wide apart and the hind often sickle-hocked.Thick mane and tail. Action short and active. Extremely frugal, and possessedof great stamina.

The Viatka is an attractive all-purpose pony, used mainly for light agriculturalwork and to pull troikas (sleighs drawn by three horses abreast). Originallyfrom the Viatsky territory, it is now bred mainly in the Udmurt republic andthe Kirov district, where State studs control the purity of the breed. Minor variations, named for the regions from which they originate, are theObwinski and the Kasanski.

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