Vladimir Heavy Draft Horse

Vladimir Heavy Draft Horse

  • Origin: USSR.
  • Height: About 16hh.
  • Color: Any solid color.
  • Character: Energetic, competitive, hard-working.

Physique: Strong work horse of good conformation. Srl-)all head with convex profile and alert expression; medium-length, crested neck, set wellon powerful shoulders, good chest; strong, medium-length body with slight dip in back; stout loins and hindquarters; strong legs with heavy feather.

English blood, especially that of the Shire horse, is at once apparent from the appearance of the Vladimir Heavy Draught. The breed was founded during the latter part of the 19th century, using a mixture of Suffolk Punch, Cleveland Bay, Ardennais and Perc heron. Shire blood was first introduce din 1910 and was continued until shortly after World War I, when interbreed crossing was stopped and selective inbreeding between the best of the progeny became the exclusive practice. By 1946 a horse of great strength and all-round usefulness had emerged, having also the ability to breed true. At this point the breed was considered fixed.

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