Wurttemberg Horse

Origin: West Germany — Wurttemberg.

Height: About 16hh.

Color: Usually black, bay, brown, chestnut.

Character: Willing, hard-working, gentle.

Physique: Medium-weight tall cob type, suitable for both harness andsaddle work. Straight face, alert expression; good shoulders, roomy chest, deep girth. Straight back with strong loins and good quarters. Clean legs with abundant bone and hard, round feet. A sound, hardy horse with great stamina.

The Wurttemberg existed as an idea long before it existed as a horse. The breed was developed because of a need for a strong and thrifty animal capable of doing all-round work on small mountain farms. The WOrttem bergis principally bred at Marbach, a stud founded in 1573, where initiala ttempts to produce the ideal small-farm worker consisted of crossing Arab stallions onto sturdy local mares. Experiments with East Prussian, Anglo-Norman and Suffolk Punch, as well as with other breeds, did not succeed in stabilizing the type of horse required, and it was not until 1895that a Stud Book could be opened.

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